Welcome to the world of industrial application of carbon products!

Carbon brushes, carbon seals, carbon bushes and carbon insets, are available in local and imported carbon grades from Germany, the USA and Japan, which are suitable for all types of applications.

An extensive range of other related products such as carbon holders, current collectors, slip ring motor, silicon and tungsten carbide seals, and copper braided cables completes the range.

One of the main component of an electric motor or generator, they vary in sizes, design and grades. Carbon brushes serves as an electrical contact between stationary (electric source) and moving parts (rotating motor). As each individual machine requires its own specific type of carbon brush, we offer a vast variety of different types of standard carbon brushes as well as custom made brushes. We have a comprehensive range of carbon grades ranging from Metal Graphite (for Slip Ring Motors) and Electro Graphite (for Commutator Motor) to cater for all our customer requirements.

As part of an electric motor, the carbon brush holder is vital in keeping and maintaining the continuation of contact between the carbon brush and the rotating slip ring or commutator. Each motor has their specific design of carbon brush holders that ensures effective and efficient contact. While having a wide range of standard carbon brush holders, we also custom make carbon brush holders according to our customers’ requirements. As for the motors that require service and maintenances, we also provide service and repair for carbon brush holders.

Mechanical Seal
Mechanical seals are a set a mechanism that functions as a device that helps prevent leakage (pipes and pumps), containing pressure or preventing contamination in joint systems. The most common ones are carbon seals. For those that require better durability and resistance, there are silicon carbide seals and tungsten carbide seals. We provide custom made seals for all the materials and reconditioning of the seals.

Rotary Joint Seal
Rotary Joint also known as Rotary Union or Rotary Coupling, functions as a seal while allowing movement i.e. rotation of the joint seals. This device allows the flow of fluids into and or out of the rotating part, thus the seal prevents the fluid from leaking outside the device while in operation. We provide recondition services for the rotary joint unit and also fabrication of the individual parts such as the joint seals and the joint shaft.

Segment Seals
Often used in steams turbines where thermal energy is extracted from pressurized steam that rotates a turbine shaft. The Segment Seal helps prevent the steam from leaking which would results in a loss of efficiency of the rotating turbine. We have a wide range of standard segments seals on stock and are also able to fabricate according to specific requirements.

Bush or sometimes known as bushing is usually a plain cylindrical bearing that is fitted in a housing that provides a bearing surface for an object to run through it, which is usually a rotating shaft. Under normal circumstances the bush itself can withstand the friction for a certain degree of time.  However, under extreme conditions such as high pressure or high temperature situations, some bearing designs may require groove channels to allow additional lubricating substance to run through it. We fabricate all types of Carbon and Teflon bushes.

Graphite by nature has self-lubricating properties, thus it is often used in areas whereby the use of liquid lubricant is not conducive. And because of its flexibility, Graphite can be machined to special sizes and designs to fit the designated function.

Due to its high temperature resistance (up to over 1000˚C depending on grades), it is used to make crucibles for melting precious metals such as copper, silver and gold. Steel industries also use it to line its furnaces used to hold molten steel. Graphite is used is almost all other industries where high temperature resisting materials are required like glass making, aluminum casting, cable manufacturing and etc.

Graphite is also an excellent non-metal electric conductor and thus is used electrodes for batteries or to transfer current in metal extraction or metal coating for the electroplating process.

As long as it is carbon graphite, we are able to custom make them according to the specified requirements.

Vanes are an important part in a Rotary Pump that actually creates the chambers in the pumping process. The most common is the Vacuum pumps or Rotary Vane Pumps which uses carbon vanes. A hydraulic pump on the other hand commonly uses fiber vanes. We provide both varieties and custom make each to their individual design and size.

Current collector or contact shoe are commonly found in overhead cranes, electric locomotives, EMUs or any object that moves along and electrical line or rail. They provide a continuous electrical supply to the moving vehicles motor and electrical equipment.

As the name suggests, it is a spring that exerts a constant force over its range of extension. It is often part of the carbon holder but prolonged usage may cause it to lose its elasticity or damaged. In most cases just the replacement of the spring and not the entire carbon holder is required. We provide custom made fabrication of the Constant-force Springs as well as reconditioning of damaged spring coils.


As part on an important component in an induction motor, a Slip Ring is an electromechanical part that allows electrical current to transfer from a stationary structure to a rotating device. Slip Rings are commonly found in alternating current (AC) electrical systems. We provide fabrication for custom made Slip Rings and also repair and recondition existing ones.

Acting as an electrical contact to complete the electrical circuit, contact switches/contact points are commonly found in electrical switches, relays and breakers used in all types of electrical machineries. Recently, they are also a common part in electric forklifts. Besides having custom made products for these items, we also proving repair and recondition for contact switches and contact points.

Commonly found in electrical circuits and electrical motors Terminal Block functions as a connection point for two or more electrical cables depending on the requirements. We custom make all types of terminal blocks according to sepcifications.

AVRs are commonly used in electric generators to control the output of the generator. It is designed to maintain a constant voltage level set.

We carry ex-stock 8A, 12A and 15A Alternative Voltage Regulator (AVR).

Resistance Regulator is widely used to control the electrical output of welding machineries which in return controls the amount of heat output generation required.

We carry ex-stock 150W and 300W Resistance Regulator with various OHM (Ω) measurements.